What is an aquapod?


An aquapod is our bathroom module that is manufactured off-site in a production facility that we choose based on the location of your project.  They are custom designed and made to meet your specific requirements, including fire, acoustic or specification of finish.


For many construction projects (like hotels, student residences or studio apartments), the bathooms represent the most complex component of the living space.  The completion of the bathrooms are thus usually on the critical path and consumes many key resources to manage the numerous trades and the associated desnagging process.


By manufacturing the bathrooms off-site, the finishing of the bathroom can be removed from the critical path, shorten the project timeline and free up critical resources on site whilst simultaneously improving the finishing quality.

Aquapods for hotels


Aquapods can be tailored to meet the exacting requirements of your hotel project, especially acoustic and fire.  In addition, we can enhance the value of the finished product through utilising our in-house brands of sanware and brassware sourced from Europe.  We have also developed our product to ensure that the post installation maintenance costs are minimised and that future refurbishment costs are radically altered.  


Contact us to explore how an aquapod can reduce the total lifetime cost of an hotel bathroom.


As our aquapods are manufactured off-site, there are numerous opportunities to assist in improving the green rating of your hotel project.  Click here to explore this further.


Aquapods for student residences


Aquapods can be designed to meet the harsh requirements of the student environment.  The robust units that we have been supplying into student residences since 2010 have not been damaged from the daily wear and tear that they have been subject to and still look great.  


To view the aquapods on site, please contact us to arrange a visit.



Given the benefits of off-site manufacture on a production line, it makes sense to include as much of the complex components of a room into an aquapod.  


In the hotel application, the aquapod can be delivered of some of the adjacent joinery.  If there are electrical requirements to supply appliances that are to be housed in that joinery (like a mini bar or coffee machine), these services can already come in the aquapod.  We have our roots in superior quality joinery, so you can be confident in the quality of these additional components.  Thinking beyond the pod as only a bathroom unit can result in even more time and cost savings on the project.


In the student application, there is often a need for a small kitchenette. Locating this adjacent to the bathroom pod means that the plumbing and electical requirements for this unit should be included in the aquapod.  A clip on kitchen, either made from more traditional joinery materials or stainless steel (to guarantee that it is indestructable), can once again improve the quality and speed of the build.

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